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You’ll Finally Be Able To Resume Windows Updates

We all know the feeling. With Windows updates going crazy up in size, deploying and installing these updates and patches is quite a process. One that is about to get streamlined very soon. With Windows 10 taking

How To Pause Updates In Windows 10

A new addition to Windows 10 is the ability to pause updates, which as the name applies is a handy little feature to briefly halt the process of downloading and installing updates on your PC. You can

Microsoft Unleashing 34 Windows Updates Today

And interestingly, these are not part of Patch Tuesday, or Update Tuesday, or what have you. More so, these Windows updates are flagged as optional on all systems, meaning they are not security in nature. The company,

Microsoft Rolls Out A Huge Bug Fix Update For Windows

It has been a while since we have seen Microsoft launch a bug fix update for Windows, but a new one is here as an optional download that shows up in Windows Update after deploying all Patch

Microsoft Patches Windows, Internet Explorer Security Flaws

The company rolled out July Patch Tuesday updates late yesterday, and these new fixes address no less than 29 different vulnerabilities in Microsoft software including Windows and Internet Explorer. Two of these updates are rated Critical, three

Windows Update Gets Patched Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Update 2 Release

The robust system that is Windows Update very rarely gets a look, but Microsoft have released a new set of improvements for this feature in order to further enhance security for users. That is to say, users

Free Application Updates Windows XP Beyond Retirement

Users still running Windows XP in some capacity will recall the registry hack that was the talk of the town a couple of months back. The one that kept the retired operating system up to date? The

Microsoft Warns Against Updating Windows XP Via Registry Trick

Well, I guess, no one expected Microsoft to talk any different, but the company has finally responded to the recently discovered registry trick that could be used to install updates on Windows XP. The deal involves a

Microsoft Launches Critical Windows And Internet Explorer Updates

Yes, the biggest news, by far, in Patch Tuesday this month is that this is the first cycle that does not include any fixes for Windows XP. With that out of the way, let’s get down to

Critical Updates For May Patch Tuesday Announced, Windows XP Not In

Just like the Patch Tuesday update cycle for last month, when Microsoft pulled the plug off of Windows XP on April 8, this month’s batch of fixes promises to be equally notable. This is the first Patch