Windows Video Archive

Windows 8.1 hands on preview video from WinBeta

The good folks at Winbeta took a hands on approach and made a video showing about 20 minutes of video from the upcoming Windows 8 update – Windows 8.1. In this video, they walk through some of

Windows Video – Developing and testing on Windows 8 with Hyper-V

New Windows Video from Microsoft. Microsoft’s virtualization solution Hyper-V is no longer just for servers. In Windows 8, developers and testers will be able to use the powerful virtualization capabilities of Hyper-V to help them do more

New video from Microsoft – Windows Store Preview

Microsoft have released a new video to talk a little bit more about their new Windows Store. Details about the Windows Store were revealed earlier today in San Francisco.  

Windows Video – Building social games for Windows 8 with Windows Azure

Another video from Microsoft. Building a great social gaming experience for your users can be a challenging task. Your game has to be well designed, have a great user interface and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Windows Video – Building scalable web applications with Windows Azure

Another Windows Azure video. Learn how to harness the power of both the modern browser and the cloud to build a lightning fast Web app. Microsoft go in depth into the architecture of a highly scalable Web

Windows Video – Building Xbox LIVE games for Windows 8

New Windows 8 video from Microsoft. Xbox LIVE, Microsoft’s premier entertainment service, is coming to Windows 8. Whether you are developing a game or another kind of entertainment app for Windows 8, Xbox LIVE can help your

Windows Video – Debugging connected Windows 8 applications

In Windows 8, the code allows you to connect your applications to the internet. There are times though when yor network code may not be working. When your network code doesn’t work, you need to know the