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More People Now Using Windows Vista Than Windows 8

And this is a good sign, believe it or not. Channeling a little Robert Ripley here! There is no shortage of people calling Windows 8 the new Vista, what with the modern operating system failing to take

Windows Vista Still Has More Users Than Windows 8.1

Now admittedly, this is Windows 8.1 we are talking about, not Windows 8 proper, but the newest statistics show that Windows Visa still has more users than Microsoft’s new operating system. Which is surprising in these sense

Windows Vista Is The Reason Why Windows XP User Base Is So Large, Says Expert

If there is one Microsoft operating system that has been in the news for more reasons wrong than right, it is Windows Vista. From the ambitious development to the calamitous launch, it was sheer tragedy. Windows XP

Will the real Microsoft please stand up?

Yes, Redmond, I am talking about the number one software company in the world. This was before the time Google cooked up their search engine algorithms, around the time Apple was finding just how hard the hardware

Windows Vista Was My Only Mistake, Says Steve Ballmer

Good old Steve is heading for a Microsoft exit soon. The outgoing CEO will leave the company in the coming months, as soon as a successor is found. And the man who has spent the last 13

The Newly Discovered Zero-Day Flaw Also Affects Windows XP

When it comes to computing security, this is one of the more normal things to happen. The recently discovered zero-day flaw that Redmond said was affecting Windows Vista computers, is also present on Windows XP installations. Meaning,

Microsoft Will Release Fix For The Zero-Day Flaw In December Patch Tuesday

Redmond very recently found out about a moderately threatening zero-day flaw that affects various versions of Windows and Office, and although attacks utilizing this vulnerability have been reported, it is unlikely to be patched sooner than December.

Microsoft Unearths A Major Security Flaw In Windows Vista And Office 2010

And boy, is this one scary! Redmond has just released a new security advisory this morning detailing a security flaw that the company found in a number of its products, including Windows Vista. This vulnerability allows an

Microsoft Has Been Trying To Kill Off Windows XP Since Vista, Says Expert

Redmond’s global offensive against the never-say-die Windows XP is entering its final and most crucial phase. Less than six months now remain till the official retirement on April 8, 2014. Microsoft’s major point of contention is that

Ballmer: Windows Vista Is The Reason Behind Microsoft’s Late Focus On Mobile

Microsoft just wrapped up one of its most key events for the year, the official unveiling of the second generation Surface slates. But the company also had an equally interesting event a few days back. The company