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Are New Technologies Going To Make The Traditional PC A Niche?

There is plenty of debate and opinions surrounding the long-term viability of the tablet computer. Many argue that they are bulkier than smartphones yet have very few different capabilities and aren’t nearly as robust as laptops. Many

Windows 8 Dream Machine

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will play nice with legacy hardware and even works better on older machines than Vista and 7. I have previously tested this theory with a Pentium 3 machine that was able to

Screenshots of a Windows 8 Music Program are Leaked

A few days ago Microsoft revealed some details about its upcoming Windows 8 app store. It will use the same marketing model as Apple 30% cut for Microsoft, and a 70% cut for developers. A feature that

A Cool Windows 8 Feature: Extended Wallpaper and Taskbar on Multiple Monitors

Extended monitors have been a growing trend for the past few years for techies, gamers, movie producers, and anyone else who needs the screen real estate that two monitors provide. Extended monitors can be anything from an

Should Tablets Be Considered PCs Or Not?

As Juliet once said in the Shakespeare classic, “Romeo and Juliet”:  What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. While this might be true, there has been

Windows 8 ARM Notebooks Delayed Til 2013

When it comes to Windows 8 there are plenty of new features to get excited about. Despite many features to the desktop environment, improvements on speed, and stability it seems that two new features are getting most

Will Windows 8 Help Slow Down Switching To Mac?

When it comes to artists, developers, and even just the average “Joe” it seems like more users are making the switch to Mac in the last few years. So what are some of the reasons behind the

Will ARM Forever Change Windows And The Desktop?

It seems that Qualcomm is determined to use Windows 8 to launch a major initiative that brings it away from mobile-only solutions and into the hearts of PC users. Qualcomm recently announced they were working on home

Windows 8 functionality breathes new life into an old OS

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey. With Apple and Amazon making headlines daily for their tablets, fans of Microsoft products might feel a little bit out of the loop. Microsoft’s latest splash in the headlines

The Perfect Windows 8 Hardware?

What would be the perfect hardware to run Windows 8 on? That’s not an easy question. The “perfect” hardware would have to run Windows 8 seamlessly with the least possible flaws, the processor would be able to run all