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Microsoft paying developers for Windows 8 app development.

In what can only be seen as an about face for Microsoft, the company has announced that it will offer cash incentives for product development. In a web campaign entitled “Keep the cash”, Microsoft is offering developers

Microsoft update their Windows 8 Development Blog to reflect the Windows 8 Release Preview

Steven Sinofsky has updated the Windows 8 Development Blog. This comes in the wake of three major Windows 8 related releases happening today. Here is the text: Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in

Download the Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate

Today is download day I guess. In addition to Windows Server 2012 RC and Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft have released a Release Candidate for Visual Studio as well. Text from the page: Visual Studio Express 2012

Download the Windows 8 Release Preview here

It’s here people! Let’s go! Microsoft has made available the download links today. The build number is 8400 and is sized at 2.5GB for 32bit and 3.3GB for 64-bit. It is available for download via ISO or

New Windows 8 Release Preview video

The folks at Winbeta got their hands on the Windows 8 Release Preview early and made a review video. They do a nice run through. Check it out…

Windows 8 Release Preview scheduled for release tomorrow?

Nice catch from TheNextWeb. They were able to catch the following post (below) on a Microsoft blog from Vice President on the Windows Development team, Chuck Chan. He was touting the release of the Windows 8 Release

Windows 8 – Creating The User Experience – My Analysis of the Microsoft Post

In what must be the longest Windows 8 development post ever called “Creating the Windows 8 user experience“, Jensen Harris ( the Microsoft Windows 8 Director of User Experience Program Management ) walks us through the rationale

New Windows 8 wallpapers and Metro Screenshots is reporting that there are a bunch of new Windows 8 screenshots that are different from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There are obviously some new wallpapers but they also show slight differences in the tile structure in

Hilarious – someone wants help with the Windows 8 Release Preview

This is too funny. Rafael Rivera tweeted this and I got a real kick from it. It’s a link on MSDN where some user is complaining about a bug they have working on…. the Windows 8 Release

Microsoft removes the ability to join a domain from the Windows 8 core version

In what seems like a radical but somewhat logical move, it is increasingly looking like Microsoft is talking away the ability to join a Windows domain from the core or baseline versions of Windows 8. This is a pretty