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Windows 8 Server Review

Cloud computing is the new age paradigm being adopted by almost all IT installations. Organizations are increasingly focused on building applications that can be deployed either on premises or on cloud. Windows server 8 is an optimized

How to install Windows 8 Server Developer Preview (step by step)

Windows 8 also features a server side operating system known as Windows 8 Server. Windows 8 Server is downloadable if you have subscribed to an MSDN account. In this article, we take you step by step through

Windows 8 on Virtual Box

Before installing Windows 8 on an actual machine, it would be beneficial for testing purposes to install Windows 8 in a virtual environment just to get a first-hand feel of the operating system. In our case, we

Windows Server 8 announced – the new name for Windows 8 Server

Microsoft officials showed off the first public glimpse of its coming Windows Server 8 operating system today at the WPC 2011 conference. Windows Server 8 was announced as the server side complement to the Windows 8 client.

New Server Manager in x64 Windows 8 Server version 7959

Seems like Microsoft have made some substantial changes to Windows 8 Server’s Server Manager user interface. Looks like this is the beginning of screenshot leaks in Windows 8 Server. Windows 8 Server’s Server Manager eases the task

New taskmanager screenshot in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server

The good folks at MDL forums have been poring over Windows * server x64 like vultures on a carcass. Here’s a screenshot from member 3ricky114. It shows the new taskmanager in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server. Also.. some

For those who care new leak – Windows 8 Build 7959

For those who care… theres a new leak of the Windows 8 build Microsoft Windows 8 (”Windows 8” 6.2.7959.0) (Enterprise) (m3) ISO Size: 2.87GB (3,229,550,592 bytes) ISO MD5: 99375D7782027CBF2E70F5D0F8648406 It’s rumored to be a Server build.  

What happened to Windows 8 Server or Windows Server 2012?

Just a miscellaneous question out of the blue. We show all the love to Windows 8 desktop editions but does anyone care about Windows 8 Server or Windows Server 2012. It will be interesting to see if

Microsoft and Windows 8: An interview with Stephen Chapman

Recently, I read a very comprehensive blog post on ZDNET by Stephen Chapman that cleverly laid out some elements of Windows 8 and Office 15 he had found on the web. It was very impressive – If

Techrepublic come out with their "10 predictions for Windows 8"

Techrepublic come out with their “10 predictions for Windows 8” Brian Posey (from TechRepublic) has put together a pretty standard list of predictions.. Since my blog has covered this Operating System to death, most of you will