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Windows Embedded 8 Industry Official Launched

While consumer platforms remain the primary focus of Microsoft, businesses and enterprises are not far from the picture either. Linux and its variants may have found raging success in a lot of industry sectors, but Microsoft continues

Nokia Lumia 920 for free with contract from Microsoft

The BYOD movement continues to gain traction, especially when it comes to using your work phone as your business phone. There are many great options out there for smartphones in the enterprise world, but Windows Phone devices

Windows 8 Embedded Final Version Now Released

While Windows 8 works great with even some of the most basic hardware, for special business needs like medical equipment, retail kiosks and other unique devices, it might be a bit too ‘heavy’. So what do you

Microsoft Shows Off Facebook In Its Windows Phone Simulation

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform has been around for just a few months, yet in the span of less than half a year it has managed to impress both users and critics alike. Most people that have

Nokia Admits that a Surface Phone Could Spell Trouble for Them

It wasn’t terribly long ago that Stephen Elop stated that the idea of Microsoft making a Surface phone wasn’t a bad one and could even “be a stimulant to the ecosystem”. Interestingly enough, a recent report indicates

Microsoft Windows Blue Strategy Becomes Just A Little More Clear

While Redmond is yet to confirm even a single rumor regarding its upcoming Project Blue company-wide initiative, industry experts have been scrambling to piece together what is next for Windows 8 as an OS. The newest version

Samsung cancels Windows RT tablets in parts of Europe

So, is Windows RT going nowhere? Samsung may seem to think so. Samsung has confirmed that it no longer plans to offer its Windows RT tablet, the ATIV Tab, in Germany and some “other European countries.” Apparently, they surveyed

New Windows Blue Confirmation From Taiwan, Will Reportedly Be Freeware

With the amount of rumors that have been floating around about the mysterious Windows Blue, who among you is willing to bet that Microsoft will soon confirm the project. Only a matter of time, I say. The

Windows RT Will Improve With ARM, Says ARM CEO

It goes without saying that the ARM version of Windows 8 is a few leagues behind its x86 counterpart, but the CEO of the ARM believes that the Windows RT platform will only get better with time.

Windows Azure-based Talking Tiles Provides Windows 8 Assistive Communication App

Windows Store continues to dramatically increase its number of apps. Many of these apps are games, productivity, organization and gaming programs. Every once in a while though, Windows Store will bring us something truly unique, and that’s