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Tom Warren from Winrumors is making a big move

Big news in the Windows blogger community. Tom Warren from the site is making a move to the online tech news site His official title at The Verge will be European Senior Editor. Tom Warren has

Winrumors is confirming that Microsoft will give out Windows 8 Tablets at BUILD.

So I was one of the first to wonder if Microsoft would give out Windows 8 tablets at the BUILD conference. Tom Warren (from Winrumors) is confirming that Microsoft WILL give out Windows 8 tablets at the conference. Quote:

Silverlight to be a major part of Windows 8 – Winrumors

Winrumors is reporting that contrary to the concerns of developers worldwide, Silverlight will be part of a series of technologies at the heart of Windows 8. Silverlight apps for Xbox will likely be made available later this

Microsoft and Windows 8: An Interview with’s Tom Warren

I’ll start by saying I am a huge fan of Tom Warren. I love his site and the length and tone of his stories. For those who don’t know, Tom’s site is From the site: “WinRumors