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There Are Now 1.5 Billion Windows Devices On The Market

If there ever was one company that made it a business of throwing out big numbers, it is Microsoft. That practice slowed down a tad during the past few years, but Redmond is back touting these figures.

Microsoft Shares New Details On Windows Phone Momentum

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. No, we are not talking about Charles Dickens’ timeless classic, but the Windows Phone odyssey, with all its ups and downs. Close to four years,

We Have Just 14% Share Of The Devices Market, Confirms Microsoft

The new reality. Long gone are the days when Microsoft had shares upwards of 90% in the digital world. The mobile revolution has given rise to new titans, while stunning old ones. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, now

Office 365 Is Microsoft’s Fastest Growing Corporate Product Ever

Businesses and enterprises are, by their very nature, slow to react to new developments in hardware and software. It usually takes months for large companies to evaluate and move to a new platform. Luckily for Microsoft, many

Microsoft Announces $99 Windows Tablets, $250 Notebooks

Redmond sure is on a roll. The magical figure of $99 for Windows powered tablets has now officially been confirmed by the company at the prestigious WPC 2014 event. Chief operating officer Kevin Turner revealed at the

WPC 2014 Kicks Off, Microsoft Talks The Future Of Windows

Microsoft kicked off the 2014 edition of the Worldwide Partner Conference a little while back, and COO Kevin Turner talked about the future path for the company, as well as the Windows platform. In fact, defining the

Microsoft Announces New Office 365 Plans For Businesses

Office 365 is getting popular by the minute, and all types and sizes of organizations are subscribing to the cloud based productivity suite. At the same time, Microsoft continues to refine the service. The company has decided

Windows 8.1 Update 2 Unveil Reportedly Set For Next Month

When it comes to Microsoft events, the Worldwide Partner Conference is right below the BUILD developer conference in esteem. Countless hardware and software partners attend this revered annual gathering. And this year, the WPC 2014 is set

Are rivals banned from attending future Microsoft conferences?

Sure seems like so. When it comes to press events and conferences, Redmond is putting up some really good shows lately. Whether it is attributable to the change in management, or the quality or products, is up