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Joanna Stern reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Good Stuff

I saw this online and had to post it. Great review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Joanna Stern at the Wall Street Journal. In her words.. Yes, Microsoft is confident that—with a larger, higher-resolution 12-inch

Walt Mossberg Reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro for the WSJ – Video

Unlike the original Microsoft Surface, the new Surface Pro allows you to run the Windows 8 desktop and pro apps. But, as Walt Mossberg tells us, one should consider its downsides before trying it as a replacement

SVASE interview with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dan’l Lewin

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) interviewed Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dan’l Lewin. He’s the executive in charge of strategic and emerging business development at the software giant. He was on the hot seat Tuesday morning at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley

Wall Street Journal says early version of Windows 8 will be displayed in January

This is un-frikkin-believable. From the WSJ: The company next month plans to demonstrate a new version of its widely used Windows operating system that targets low-power devices and adds support for chips based on designs from ARM