Windows 8.1 RTM

Windows 8.1 Build 9477 x64 Has Leaked

Although not many were expecting this particular build to leak, but the x64 flavor of Windows 8.1 build 9477 is now out in the wild….


FINALLY! – Windows 8.1 Preview ISO’s are now available for download

I’m not sure what the hell took so long but they’re up now. Microsoft has finally put up links to the ISO’s of Windows 8.1


Pricing for the Surface Pro – Such An Avoidable Mistake

Yesterday, you probably heard about the impending launch of the Surface Pro on February 9. General Manager of Microsoft Surface, Panos Panay made the announcement…


With 64-bit ARM Processors by 2014, Windows RT 64 is in the Works

While 64-bit processors have quickly become the norm in the PC world, it is a very different scenario for mobile users. The x86 architecture used…


ARM reveal their new 64 bit architecture for Windows 8

ARM have finally realeased new details about their upcoming 64 bit ARMv8 architecture at the ARM TechCon conference in Santa Clara. This is ARM’s first foray…


How to install Windows 8 Server Developer Preview (step by step)

Windows 8 also features a server side operating system known as Windows 8 Server. Windows 8 Server is downloadable if you have subscribed to an MSDN…


More ARM small print – Windows Server 8 will not run on ARM chips

Speaking at Microsoft’s Build conference, Bill Laing, Microsoft corporate vice president for the server and cloud division, demonstrated some of the new features of Windows…


New Server Manager in x64 Windows 8 Server version 7959

Seems like Microsoft have made some substantial changes to Windows 8 Server’s Server Manager user interface. Looks like this is the beginning of screenshot leaks in…