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FINALLY! – Windows 8.1 Preview ISO’s are now available for download

I’m not sure what the hell took so long but they’re up now. Microsoft has finally put up links to the ISO’s of Windows 8.1 How to install Windows 8.1 Preview from an ISO file To install Windows 8.1 Preview from an ISO file, you

Surface RT Finally Gains x86 Emulation

It was only a matter of time. A jailbreak solution is already available for users that want to run unsigned apps on Microsoft’s tablet, but this particular utility goes one step ahead. A new program released by

Intel Hiring Windows Phone Engineers

It is a hastily written job posting on LinkedIn, but it seems that world largest CPU maker is all set to try its luck with Microsoft’s smartphone operating system. And this is just weeks after a senior

Pricing for the Surface Pro – Such An Avoidable Mistake

Yesterday, you probably heard about the impending launch of the Surface Pro on February 9. General Manager of Microsoft Surface, Panos Panay made the announcement via a blog post during the day. The Surface Pro, as you

Microsoft to Roll Out the Surface Pro in January 2013

In a long-expected move, Microsoft has announced it will roll out its Surface Tablet running Windows 8 Pro for x86 machines in January 2013. The new tablet will have a list price under the sensitive $1,000 mark,

Windows 8 on ARM versus Windows 8 on x86: Will there be confusion? Which is the right choice?

Every once in a while I still hear about how Microsoft might cause confusion with Windows 8. Some tablets can run x86 applications and drivers, some can’t? The idea is that this notion is so huge that

Windows RT/ARM – Does It Offer Nearly As Many Benefits As X86?

When I’ve talked about Windows 8 on the tablet, I’ve had mostly positive things to say, that being said I’ve also focused a great deal of my points on how Windows 8 x86 tablets have a lot

Windows 8 Tablets- Should You Get An ARM Or X86 Device?

When it comes to desktops and laptops I have constantly said that I feel ARM is at a major disadvantage. The main reason I’ve mentioned regularly is that x86 has a full library of existing applications and

Clover Trail X86 Tablets Arriving In 3rd Quarter 2012?

Ever since Windows 8 was announced to have ARM support, there has been a ton of speculation around what this means for the PC/tablet world. Some of the theories suggest ARM will get heavily involved in the

Is Windows 8 Just A Little Too Confusing?

Windows 8 is certainly a different beast than previous version of Windows. The newest OS version plans to add new features like Metro and ARM support, but the changes also make Windows 8 probably the most confusing