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Windows 8 Training: Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using C++

Another Windows 8 Training Video. This one’s called Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using C++ and it’s presented by Tarek Madkour. Video description C++ and XAML provide a new way for C++ developers to target Windows

Windows 8 Training: Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using XAML

A new Windows 8 Training Video from Microsoft. This one is Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using XAML. Video description XAML is a great, familiar addition to the Windows 8 UI technology stack. This session

How to make Windows 8 Metro style apps that print

More Windows 8 training videos from the BUILD conference regarding building Windows 8 apps that print. This session teaches formatting content and customizing the print experience for consumers. Topics for discussion: Metro, HTML5, XAML and C+ The presentation

Using XAML for designing Metro style apps in Visual Studio 11 Express

Another one of the development tools used in Windows 8 is XAML. What is XAML? Microsoft would define it this way: XAML is a declarative markup language. As applied to the .NET Framework programming model, XAML simplifies

The road to Windows 8 Part 4 – What this means for Windows 8 developers

Welcome to part 4 of my series, The road to Windows 8. In the first part I talked about the BUILD conference. In the second part, I talked about what I believe to be the overall vision

Windows 8: Building applications for Metro UI

Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer Preview with the sole intention of introducing developers with the tools and techniques needed to develop applications for Metro UI. So far, Microsoft has only discussed about using Visual Studio Express to

Is Silverlight dead in Windows 8?

There has been a lot of silence from Microsoft regarding the fate of Silverlight. They haven’t said that it will die and they haven’t said that it will live. My personal belief is that they want Silverlight to die

What does Paul Thurrott know about Windows 8 support for .NET and Silverlight?

While doing my daily scan of interesting Windows 8 News, I couldn’t possibly help but notice an interesting line on Paul Thurrotts WinInfo Short Takes blog today. Now those of you who know Paul (from his work

Windows 8 tablet UI – the real danger for Microsoft.

So one of the mistakes people make when they read my blog or find my blog is that they assume I am a Microsoft Windows advocate. I am not and do not own any MSFT stock either.

Breathe easy – XAML developers being moved into Windows 8 development team

Those of you wondering about XAML’s future integration into Windows 8 can breathe just a little easier today. Leaks from within Microsoft seem to indicate that this is indeed the case. Mary Jo Foley and Tom Warren