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Xbox One Announced For Release Later This Year, Uses Windows Kernel

Microsoft just wrapped up its elaborate presentation at its Redmond, Washington headquarters where it unveiled its highly anticipated next-generation gaming console. Previously known under a variety of names and codenames, the upcoming console is called Xbox One.

Windows 8 May Inspire The Upcoming Xbox Console

Windows 8 is more than just an operating system. The changes Microsoft has made are deep and resounding enough that the Metro user interface with Live Tiles can be labeled as a design philosophy. And this design

Leaked: Microsoft’s Black Friday Deals

Whoever said that leaks are bad obviously did not take a look at Microsoft’s Black Friday deals that are continually being leaked around the interweb. If you are planning on getting an Xbox 360 console or a

Xbox Music Ad-supported Streaming Live Now

Xbox Music is finally here and represents the evolution of Microsoft’s Zune media service. For those that already have Windows 8, you will be pleased to know that an update for Music is now available and will

Xbox Live Update Removes Twitter and Facebook Integration, Why?

Microsoft recently updated its Xbox 360 dashboard. This is part of a move that brings Internet Explorer and other Windows 8-esque features over their popular gaming and multimedia console. Apparently they didn’t just giveth, they also taketh

Xbox 360 gets a new UI, brings Internet Explorer and more "Windows-like" elements

Microsoft’s future focus is pretty clear if you ask me. The company is all about a new universal approach with their product offerings. Whether you are on a phone, tablet, PC or game system– the experience should

Microsoft Xbox Music offers free basic streaming

I have always been a fan of the Zune ecosystem, even if it never really caught on. In particular, I loved its media store and streaming services in the later part of its life. That being said,

Windows 8 on the TV and Xbox– Why it Could Be A Good Move.

Windows 8 currently is preparing to take the tablet, laptop and desktop world by storm. It introduces big changes to the UI that many of our readers have experienced first-hand. Windows 8 is different, but most of

Microsoft sheds light on Xbox music pricing

Microsoft has partially unveiled its Xbox Music service pricing, this through the Windows 8 Music app. The service will offer unlimited streaming for £8.99 per month or £89.90 per year. US pricing is expected to be similarly

Microsoft announce the first batch of Xbox Live games coming to Windows 8

Xbox has announced that Microsoft Studios, Rovio, Miniclip, Gameloft, ZeptoLab, Glu Mobile, Halfbrick Studios, and others will be bringing high quality Xbox games to Windows 8. Many games will be available starting October 26th and Xbox games will