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Windows 8 Said To Power Xbox Next, Will Support Windows Store Games

Microsoft seems be getting awfully close to its vision of seeing the Windows operating system everywhere, from desktops to ultrabooks, tablets to smartphones, even gaming…


Leaked Documents reveal more info about Xbox 720

There were rumors that Microsoft is planning to come up with a new generation of Xbox and the documents that are leaked on the net…


Rumor: Next Xbox Might Feature A Tablet Controller

For those that don’t follow gaming, just last summer Nintendo announced its Wii successor, the Wii U, would feature a new controller that had traditional…


New Xbox rumor – Xbox could be called Xbox 8

This is an interesting rumor and would actually be cool if it was executed. The website is reporting that the next generation Xbox…


MSNerd rumor: Next version of Xbox will have Windows 9 core.

Another new rumor about the next (next) version of Windows. Let me state upfront: I dont buy this one at all but I post it…


Windows 8 able to play Xbox games?

This one is a nasty rumor that will not go away just like an infection. A number of sites are reporting that Windows 8 will let…