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Microsoft Reportedly Interested In Buying Pandora Internet Radio

Another brand new day, another brand new acquisition rumors. The shopping season is in full flow right now and the latest is that Microsoft is reported in buying a number of popular online companies. Prime among them

Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Acquire Music Streaming Service Deezer

Licensing and all that legal mumbo jumbo is deep stuff when it comes to digital services. While selling software and apps across the globe is comparatively straightforward, books, movies and music have that extra bit of baggage.

Rumor Says Microsoft Wants To Buy Winamp

So this happened. In what is truly the end of an era, AOL recently announced that it would be discontinuing Winamp on December 20, 2013. Winamp, along with Sonique, was one of the two most popular MP3

Microsoft Talks About How It Rebuilt The Xbox Music App In Windows 8.1

Redmond has two absolutely great things going for it, the Windows operating system and the Xbox gaming console. Both platforms were brought closer together via the Metro apps in Windows 8 like Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

Microsoft Ready To Take On Streaming Services With Xbox Music Expansion

One area that several technology circles have criticized Microsoft in is that the technology titan has not been much of a pioneer in the past few years. Some may go even as far as saying that the

Microsoft Starts Bringing Windows 8.1 Built-In Metro Apps Into Spotlight

One thing is a given. Redmond’s modern operating system is more than just an operating platform. The built-in Metro apps in Windows 8, unlike the default programs in earlier versions of Windows, are not just highly dynamic

Microsoft Officially Rolls Out A Web Based Version Of Xbox Music

Just as the rumor mill suggested, Microsoft has launched a web-based version of its Xbox Music service, which can be easily accessed by using any modern browser on the market. Word was that Redmond would debut a

Microsoft To Offer Web Version Of Xbox Music After Windows 8.1 Launch

It is remarkable to think that Windows 8 is more than just another operating system. For Microsoft at least, it has been a brand new platform, from day one, to build upon. Almost everything in the new

Windows Blue Preview Said To Bring Major Updates For Xbox Music App

The new Windows Store opened for business over the weekend, allowing users that have installed one of the various leaked builds of Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1) the ability to download Metro apps. As a result, a

Microsoft Cloud Music Player Coming to SkyDrive? (Rumor)

When it comes to cloud storage, there are certainly a lot of options out there. So what can a competitor do to help set themselves aside from the competition? In Microsoft’s case, it’s all about adding a