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Windows 10 Users Can Now Stream Netflix In HDR

Finally! Netflix has just announced that Windows 10 users now have the ability to stream the service in high dynamic range, and this news comes…


Crackdown 3 Delay Spells Trouble

Hope you have room for news about one more delay. After the news of delayed builds and features, we have confirmation that a…


Xbox Wireless Adapter Delayed Until January 2018

It’s official, dudes. And dudettes. Microsoft, for some really suspicious reason, has decided to delay the launch of the new Xbox Wireless Adapter until next…


Microsoft Details Gaming Improvements In The Fall Creators Update

The gaming side of Windows 10 is also getting refreshed in parallel with the desktop OS, going by the name of the Fall Creators Update…

Kinect For Windows

Kinect For Windows Production Has Now Ceased

Had to come to this, but there’s actually more to the story. Yes, Kinect for Windows will no longer be manufactured, but manufactured specifically for…


Xbox One Results In A $400 Million Loss For Microsoft

With figures like these it easy to see why there are voices that say that Microsoft should sell or spin off the Bing and Xbox…


Here Is The Reason Why Microsoft Only Focused On Xbox At E3 2014

Microsoft broke a few hearts at E3 2014 by keeping the focus solely on games for the two Xbox consoles. No media stuff, nothing major…


Microsoft Shows Off Kinect For Windows V2 Hardware

The second generation of Kinect for Windows is getting closer and closer to launch, according to Microsoft, and now the company has finally unveiled the…

The Kinect 2 security risk?

What are the personal security implications of having a Kinect 2 in your home?

I so wish it wasn’t true but it is. We are at the point where we have to consider issues like entertainment and national security. Who…


Microsoft: Second Generation Kinect Sensor For Windows On Track For 2014

The next-generation Kinect is set to play a vital role for Redmond’s next-generation console, the Xbox One, once it is released later this year. But…