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Creating Virtual Machines in Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise

If you wanted to run, say, Windows XP in Windows 7, you could use Windows Virtual PC and install a fully functional copy of Windows XP SP3 in a virtual machine running inside of Windows 7 Professional,

Windows 7 Passes XP in Market Share for the First Time

From NetMarketShare comes the important statistic that for the first time ever – in October 2012 – Windows 7 passes XP in market share (see below). This cements Vista as the overlooked operating system that never lived

PC Helps IT Survey Gives Clues to Windows 8 Migration Strategies

PC Helps conducted a survey in September among 500 corporate IT users to better understand opinions of, and strategies towards deployment of Windows 8 in organizations. The survey shows that Windows 7 migration is generally underway in

Large XP User Base May be a Sales Opportunity for Windows 8

Much has been made of the persistently large market share of users and businesses continuing to run Windows XP, despite three newer generations of Windows OSs (Vista, 7 and now 8). This market share is estimated at

It’s Here! Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 8 Today in New York

Microsoft officially launched the new Windows 8 Operating System today in New York, with global availability beginning tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 26. Consumers and businesses worldwide will be able purchase more than 1,000 certified PCs and tablets, including

Microsoft says "Get off Windows XP ASAP"

Microsoft have started to ring the bells for users who feel they can stay on Windows XP forever. Patch, general and security support for Windows XP will cease in 998 days. Announcing the end game, Stephen Rose,

Will someone please kill Windows XP?

I just read Adrian Kingsley-Hughes article about XP users throwing a tantrum because MSFT wont support XP for IE9. Really? Seriously when will this end? This operating system needs to go away! I am sick and tired