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Microsoft And Yahoo Extend Search Partnership

Renew it, actually. Microsoft and Yahoo signed their search deal in 2009, which saw the Bing become the search provider for Yahoo services. The partnership has seen ups and downs, though. There was even recent speculation that

Microsoft Highlights Bing Search Progress In 2014

Although Yahoo has made some slight progress recently, Microsoft remains the only company that can complete with Google in the search market. The Bing search service is slowly increasing its share. But it’s the Yahoo Bing Network

Microsoft Vying To Become The Default Search Provider On All Apple Products

It’s not often you hear the word vying in technology, but that is exactly what Microsoft and Yahoo! are up for right now, at least as far as the search engine domain is concerned. With Apple’s deal

Yahoo Mail App Removed From The Windows Store

One of the first big applications to launch on Windows 8, the Yahoo Mail app is no longer available for download from the Windows Store. Odd, but hardly surprising. Microsoft has done a good job convincing developers

Microsoft And Yahoo Battling For iOS Default Search Position

My, how times change! It seems only yesterday when Microsoft was locked in sour skirmishes with Apple. This, obviously, was before and around the time when Redmond made a move to acquire Yahoo for a sweet sum

Bing Rewards – this actually makes sense

So a few months ago, I wrote this article about Yahoo and the need for them to branch out and start rewarding/incentivizing users to use their Search Engine. The article was called “Yahoo should pay you to

Bing Holds Its Market Share In July, Yahoo Search Slips A Bit

Microsoft sure is putting everything it has behind Bing to make its search engine a bona fide threat to Google. But while this much is clear that Bing is doing a lot better than before, it still

App Watch: Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! is one technology giant that has wholeheartedly embraced Windows 8. The Internet portal readily develops applications for Microsoft’s newest platform — no fuss, no mess, just pure coding. The latest to arrive is the self-explanatory, Yahoo!

New Microsoft Study Shows That Banning Work From Home Is A Mistake

Microsoft sure is quick with these studies. You may be aware that Yahoo recently decided to ban working from home, and the Internet giant now forces employees to come to the office every single day. Needless to

Microsoft Wants The Industry To Honor Internet Explorer DNT Option

The on-by-default DNT feature is one of the most controversial features of Microsoft’s IE10, but despite criticisms from various industry quarters, the company seems intent on continuing with it. In fact, it has asked other technology leaders