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Unofficial YouTube, Uber Apps Launch On Windows 10

PWAs, rather. Microsoft has not had much luck when it comes to official clients on Windows 10, but third-party developers are not sitting still now that the Progressive Web Apps platform is here. This is a whole

Microsoft Shuts Its Surface Support Twitter Account

But the Surface line isn’t going anywhere! Right? Not the most ideal news, but Microsoft has made the decision to close its Surface support Twitter account. And instead is pushing customers towards the Microsoft Support Twitter account

New Windows 8.1 commercial

Microsoft released a new commercial that shows some of the tweaks made in Windows 8.1. What’s particularly interesting is that Windows 8.1 is wisely not mentioned in the ad. Consumers are confused enough and don’t need even

Beware The Windows 8.1 Scams On YouTube And Other Sites

The release of a new operating platform is always a big occasion, and when the OS in question is Windows, there is nothing bigger, neither for consumers nor for cybercriminals. Malicious entities did their best to exploit

Microsoft Rips Into Google For Blocking Its YouTube App

As long as there are no consumer causalities, a bit of a skirmish between technology titans is good entertainment. Microsoft and Google, however, are on the path of a full blown war, it seems. Google, as we

Google Blocks Microsoft’s YouTube App Once Again

Boy, here we go with the childish games. Microsoft and Google have a touchy relationship, and nowhere else is this more evident in the domain of mobile apps. While Redmond readily codes for the Android and iOS

Microsoft Launches, A New YouTube Channel

In its bid to get ever closer to end users, Microsoft has put up several avenues from Internet video channels to official blogs and everything in between. Now the company has launched a new YouTube channel that

Google Asks Microsoft To Take Down Its Windows Phone YouTube App

Google and Microsoft are at it again. The two technology titans have been skirmishing on a lot of different fronts, and these have extended to media campaigns against the companies. The latest in this saga is that

YouTube RT Is Free For One Week, Download Now

Video and multimedia (particularly YouTube) applications were one of the first to land on the Windows Store, and there is an ever-growing number of such apps available on Microsoft’s app repository. One of the more popular ones

Google’s YouTube Not Working with Windows Phone? Here with Go Again?

Not too long ago we reported on a bit of Google-Microsoft drama regarding Windows Phone and Google Maps. At the time it was believed that users were being purposely withheld from using Google Maps on their Microsoft