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Why I’m a fan of ZDNet’s Ed Bott

This site has been covering Windows since 2009 (years before Windows 8) and we were able to correctly predict a lot of the impact this OS would have. From the Start Button to Start Screen bootups to

Mary Jo Foley has reviewed the Microsoft Surface Pro

The amazing Mary Jo Foley has chimed in about the Microsoft Surface Pro. Here’s some of what she had to say: In the end, for me, the Surface Pro is just OK. I am waiting/expecting Microsoft to

Windows 8 Quote of the day – Part 3 – Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes

A really good quote from Adrian Kingsley Hughes at ZDnet. Here it is. First, there’s no proven market for Windows tablets, in particular when it comes to consumers. Yes, I know that iPads sell as fast as

Results of ZDNet Windows 8 poll

I wrote about a poll being offered at ZDnet asking what features you guys would want to see in Windows 8. This was a poll by Zack Whittaker. Well the results are in. Seems like faster bootup

The beat goes on – Another Windows 8 wishlist

Interesting post over at ZDnet today. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is asking for feedback on Windows 8. The post is titled ” What would you like to see in Windows 8?” Here is his list: Custom installer that has