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What Microsoft’s Upcoming Xbox-Branded Music Service Means For The Company’s Overall Strategy

Despite the existing Zune-based music service from Microsoft, not that long ago I talked about the rumors about a new Microsoft music service being unveiled. Now we have a bit more information about that. It seems that

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Includes Integration Of Zune Video/Music Services

For those that have ever read any of my posts here at Windows 8, you’ve probably heard me say more than once how I feel that Zune’s services should be re-tooled into a Windows Metro app. While

Is Microsoft Preparing A New Music Service?

More than once in the past I’ve talked about how I feel that Zune Media Player and the services it leverages, could be very important both for Windows 8. With Zune you have a rental system, a

Zune "Squirt" Feature Returning As Beaming?

Microsoft’s Zune never picked up quite like the iPod did, and while it still exists it is never at the head of its market by any means. Despite the fact it isn’t as popular as Apple’s MP3