Here comes the sun! Or more precisely, here comes Windows 8.1 in all its shiny glory! The new operating system already available in RTM form on the Internet, has an official launch date set for next month.

October 18 is the day Microsoft has reserved to launch a number of its new operating platforms, including Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

However, as mentioned above, a lot of users are already running the OS thanks in no small part to a number of leaked ISOs that made their way to the web in the past few days.

But if you are still holding out to get the upgrade from official channels (retail or Windows Store), then you might want to take a look at this handy little video posted by the friendly neighborhood YouTube user that goes by the name of bavogames.

More talk after watching the clip, so here you go:

Windows 8.1 RTM comes with a whole bunch of changes, large and small. And this video does a good job of showing them all — from a brand new Start button to several Start screen customization options that Microsoft has put into its new operating system.

Useful features like Snap View also get significant touchups, as do the built-in Modern apps.

The software titan has, unsurprisingly, paid a fair amount of attention in making sure that the Metro UI is as enhanced and optimized as it can be, at least when compared to the trusty old desktop.

But the end result is indeed an operating system that is familiar yet user-friendly – the technology titan seems to have finally listened to a lot of the customer feedback that it received from Windows 8 users since release.

How the general public embraces these changes and what it thinks about them remains to be seen, though. And we will surely find all about it after launch day on October 18.

For the time being enjoy the lengthy video, and share your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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  • Jeff Nmi Ruiz

    Where you have “the technology titan seems to have finally LISTED to a lot…” should be “LISTENED”

    Just sayin’ 😉

    • Fahad Ali

      Fixed. 🙂 Thanks!

  • obadiahorthodox

    Big whoopy ding dong!!!! They still have the useless start screen. Everything I never use in my computer.

    • Ray C

      Well, I guess that’s matter of personal opinion, but what is the option for everyone? Stay on Windows 7 until support for it ends like Windows XP? Which to another OS that’s still not going to have a start menu? Try to use your phone or tablet as your main PC? The start screen has been improved and will continue to improve. Then again there are the start menu applications out there as well.

    • Mike Greenway

      the start screen can have only the thinks you put there. If you chose to put the things you never use there well I really don’t know what to say about that.

      • obadiahorthodox

        First, I NEVER use the Start Screen. I have absolutely zero use for any of the Apps. They are just a distraction to the REAL work I do with my computer. I don’t have a smart phone so why should I be interested in smart phone apps on my computer?

        Second, there are third party applications that by pass the useless start screen, the one I use is called Classic Shell, because 1) it is free. 2) it brings back the start button which is exactly what everybody was complaining about when MS took it away. 3) It by passes the start screen and takes you straight to the desktop where the real work is done. 4) It brings back the Start Menu with your choice of format, Windows Classic, Windows XP, or Windows 7.

        Third, why should I go back to Windows 7? As is mentioned by others, W7 will not be supported after a few years like XP will not be supported any longer. There are a few (very few) features that I do like about Windows 8, faster boot up time ( really? I haven’t noticed that, I have noticed that it is definitely SLOWER). Gee, I really can’t think of any thing else that sets W8 apart from W7.

        Finally, I definitely will not be upgrading (downgrading?) to 8.1, why should I have to reinstall everything all over again after setting up my computer exactly the way I like it? I might as well wait until Windows 9 or 10 to see what kind of changes MS makes, maybe the corporate heads will finally listen to what people really want instead of what looks pretty (ugly).

  • Rumin8

    It just occurred to me, watching the video of Windows 8.1 in action, that a way to further placate those who do not like the jarring switch from desktop to start screen would be to have an option that causes the start button to overlay the tiles over the actual desktop, with the desktop slightly greyed. I wonder why Microsoft did not decide to offer that. Surely it must have occurred to them.

    • Ray C

      You know I never thought of that. Hopefully that is a suggestion that gets to the right people.

  • Reg

    Looks great,already have win 8 pro so these extras will be nice.

  • Damian Vansen

    Most of the new changes were suggestions from alpha and beta testers: like giving a choice which screen to boot into, having more tile sizes, having one background for both screens, having group titles (I love stardock’s fences and this immitates it a little). It took MS a year to realize that the testers were right. At least they eventually did. One thing I was really sad was not added to the start screen is a time, battery, network connection indicator. I look at those ALL the time and it is irritating to have to swipe the charm bar or go to desktop mode. I think that 50% of the needed changes have now been added. Now just add time, date, battery and merge start screen and desktop mode and will make it is much easier OS. Guess we will have to wait to Windows 9 for that.

    • Ray C

      I agree with you there. I kind of like the idea of the charm bars because it does give you some options you don’t get in other tablets, when Windows 8 is running on something like a Surface or some other tablet, outside of double-tapping the home button on an iPad. But at the same time, I still don’t like only being able to get to shutdown options through a charm bar. Like you said, battery, time, and network should not be missing from the start screen. I guess some could make the argument that it was missing in previous versions if you hid the task bar, but it should be there. I shouldn’t have to go to desktop mode. I still think there needs to be more options when it comes to organizing tiles and the all applications section. But this is really how we get better products. We both see some things we like and things we don’t like, and we’re discussing it and giving feedback instead of just yelling how much we hate Windows 8.1

  • Ray C

    I like the changes in 8.1. The only real major problem with Windows 8.x was ease of use. Yes, there were some things here and there that people don’t like, and Metro and desktop could have played better together, but the biggest overall issue was ease of use. People today are not like people when Windows 95 first came out. Also, the average consumer is expected to try software just as early as the “computer people.” People want to be able to just sit down and use stuff. People didn’t feel they could do that with Windows 8 or any of the Windows 8/RT devices. That is something Microsoft needs to be aware of with any product they come out with from here on out. There are still many improvements that need to be made, and I’m already looking forward to 8.2. But hopefully the “experts” think more about the consumer than they do themselves this time around. If testers and tech bloggers will use it, say “I like A, but I still don’t like B, and maybe C could be a real improvement, and give actual feedback instead of just ranting; Windows 8.2 and future versions of Windows could really turn out to be a great consumer product.