Microsoft may have announced a ton of features for Windows 8.1, but the company seems to have kept a number of them under wraps. The newly leaked build 9471 has provided us with a sneak peek at many of these new additions.

One notable new change is the revision of the Calendar app that is built into the new operating system.

As the image above shows, Redmond has introduced what it calls the “What’s next” feature that is supposed to provide users with a quick and fast glimpse into their future tasks and appointments.

Other tabs like Day, Work Week and Week are also easily accessible.

The software titan has obviously not yet announced this new feature publicly, but considering the fact that we are fast approaching the day when Windows 8.1 is supposed to hit RTM status, expect this feature to be part of the final version of the operating system.

Speaking of which, general availability of Windows 8.1 is said to be on track for the traditional October timeframe of the previous versions of the operating system.

The most recent report on the matter hinted that Microsoft may actually wait until the middle of October to release Windows 8.1 as the company is planning to fix up any last minute bugs and issues that pop up, as well as optimize the overall performance of the OS.

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