Take A Look At What’s New In Windows 8.1 RTM In This Video

Various versions of Windows 8.1 RTM are now available for download from various places on the web, and in fact, many users are already running the new operating system right now.

The general availability of the OS is set to take place in October, and while Microsoft plans to refine and polish Windows 8.1 further by that time, the final RTM build provides a pretty neat experience overall.

Those of you following the various leaked builds over the last few months will find that Redmond has implemented a few very small changes in Windows 8.1 RTM — a new default wallpaper called Harmony to some other desktop backgrounds that are available in the Personalization screen.

And not just that, the Start screen animated wallpapers are now available for all users. Also right-clicking the Start button now lets you sign out or shut down the computer.

You can take a look at these smallest of changes in this new video below:


The video comes from our friendly neighborhood user (bavogames) that has installed the leaked RTM build and taken it for a spin. It also shows other little changes that are in this final cut of the operating system, including Assigned Access, Skype as default and minor UI updates to apps.

It is a pretty handy little tour of the latest version of Windows.

The new operating system is on track to for an October 18 launch for all users. Windows 8 users, however, will be able to download Windows 8.1 one day earlier from the Store.

The upgrade will be available free of charge for existing users, but there is still no word on pricing for stand-alone retail copies. Microsoft will offer more on this in a few weeks, surely.

  • Ray C

    They’re eventually getting rid of the desktop, but I think what they could do is have some button where you can add the choices you want to a list similar to the start button right-click list.