Take Our Poll: Who would be a better CEO, Nadella or Elop?

So it’s Friday and it’s time for a little mischief poll.

The issue of who Microsoft’s CEO will be seems to be something that will be resolved soon and that’s a good thing.

While there are many options on the table, I haven’t been shy about saying who’s the hands down favorite. Having said that, let’s have some fun this Friday and take a little poll.

I’d like to know who you think would make a better CEO – Satya Nadella or Stephen Elop.

Take the poll below and leave your comments saying why at the end of the page.

  • ECFbalutza

    Elop ftw!

  • Rodney Longoria

    For some reason, I just do not trust Stephen Elop in the least!

  • Lelax

    Can MSFT benefit from aggressive acquisitions so as to expand into a larger playing field? Or do we need to look inward and apply the surgeon’s scalpel? Probably E. would be best if the first question’s answer is Yes, and the second question is No. If not, then N. END