Teens Vie For The Microsoft Office World Championship

Small monetary gains, but, boy, the prestige! Teens are currently competing for the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship taking place in Anaheim, California.

Around 400,000 contestants from all around the world took place in the competition this year, but the count is now down to just 123 people, between ages 13 and 22. The finals are taking place today, and the fight is expected to be tough.

As this report notes, several prizes of $5,000 are up for grabs, in a number of categories including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Six US contests are among the finalists, fighting for the big prize. But American teens have rarely been in with a chance to take the leading spot in this competition:

“Only one U.S. participant has ever claimed a first prize in the Microsoft Office competition, which has historically been dominated by contestants from Asian nations.”

Contestants need to show their skills in various Microsoft Office applications, and the competition is made up of both an exam and a practical challenge that requires the competitors to recreate a document of their choice.

And in case you are wondering, this contest is sponsored by Certiport, a Utah based company that offers Microsoft certifications. Explains the prize pool.

  • Jason Claven

    Good luck to all the teens competing. One thing is for certain: their knowledge will come in handy in their future careers whatever they may be. A cool competition for sure.

  • Ray C

    Good. Microsoft needs to do more things like this

    • AustinPowers

      Agreed. It’s a cool and nice gesture that goes a long way. Something Microsoft should definitely consider doing more of.