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  • Niffty64

    Thanks, will be waiting to hear from you ,I hope they produce a 64 bit and 128 bit beta for test.  Can’t wait to test this system.

  • guest

    I also hope there is a 32 bit version of windows 8

  • Ddingus

    i hope windows 8  runs as good as widows 7 does

  • Henk Marell

    Windows 8 is as I am used to Microsoft even better and easy to handle as Windows 7

  • Jimhill65

    Looks cool lets see what happens.  Really enjoyed Beta testing and the RC of Windows 7!

  • Richard Buskohl

    Hello, i am interested in becomming a beta tester for windows 8. Is this possible?

    Thank you

  • Marky

    I wanna beta test it too! errrr where to download??

  • Mitra Namdeo

    Hello, i am interested in becomming a beta tester for windows 8. Is this possible?

  • Bjorn_lemon

    Hello,im interested  io tested windows9 beta.

  • Charlesmc76

    Will there be a zip or a rar file availble for the Win 8 OS for installing on a Tablet PC?

  • Forgetthis56

    yes would like to be in there when testing began thank u

  • All

    I would like to participate in the testing, please…

  • Walter

    i  will admire being a windows 8 beta tester can u help

  • Richard Leroy Amerson

    Would love to be beta tester for windows8. Really enjoy win7

  • Dlplano

    I would love to be a beta tester.

  • Dr-Trekker_CO

    I am extremely interested in seeing what 8 has to offer… 7 is actually a revamped, fixed version of Vista (as I’ve been informed), and the news on 8 is that it is a REAL epiphany. Well, “Ve shall seee vhat ve shall seee”.

  • Jose Lois

    Hello, i am interested  to tested windows 8 beta

  • Ralph

    yes i want to be a tester

  • Iva

    I would like to Test Window 8 ALSO…… have a dedicated machine ready!!!

  • Alves Tom34

    Im soooooo interesting for test that new s**t =),  [email protected]

  • thangdthp

    I would like to participate in the testing, please…

  • Nathernell Nelson

    I want to be a windows 8 tester to make it better than windows 7

  • Nevrikidis

    let see how is the new win8

  • Brerlou L. King

    I’ve been using computers before there were even home computers. I built my first home computer from a Radio Shack kit, followed by the obligatory Commodore 64 to 128, then I switched to Microsoft in ’91.
    My dream is for a home computer to be something like a tiltable artist’s easel, (from horizontal to vertical,) mobile, rechargable, on wheels because it is going to be like 32″or so.  I’ll be able to use it whilst lying on the living room couch or from across the room. The screen will respond to touch like an artist’s finger painting in oils, but it will also respond to verbal commands. (For the blind there will be a version that cues in braille, but responds mostly to verbal cues.) Is that too much to ask? Sounds like Windows 8 is well on the way to realizing my dream, now we only need the hardware folk to cooperate.
    I’ve done some beta testing before, can’t risk betas on my desktop anymore, too much valuable material to jeopardize, but I’d like to try a beta on my Android tablet. Keep in touch, please.

  • Tony Giudice
  • Mustafas Elkady

    i am interested to tested windows 8 beta

  • Amiar

    I would love to be a beta tester

  • Idlehand82

    i can’t wait to use windows 8, would be nice if i be a beta tester

  • Jonny Allen

    Any chance i can test this software, everything I’ve read so far sounds like it’s going to be good but there bound to be something useful missing there always is hence service packs!! cheers

  • Ezcomputerpc

    Would like to beta test Win 8

  • johnny

    beta tester here would love to test the new windows 8 ty

  • Davidthoman

    Ialso would like to be a beta tester.

  • Jeyveen Bhoyroo

    I would really like be a beta tester of Windows 8 and am already running Windows Developer Preview. I’m looking forward to helping me from You and Microsoft concerning any relevant information and tablets. I would be glad to be the first beta tester and test the touch functionality in Mauritius if they could give and export it freely. Thanks a lot.

  • Sreejith

    I hope windows 8 graphical perfomance is higher than windows 7

  • Laszlo Hethy

    Nagyon szeretném tesztelni.Szeretném tudni hol lehet jelentkezni és,hogy lesz-e magyar verzio mivel az angol tudásom kicsit hiányos.

  • blue1

    when trying to download windows 8.1 preview download stops at 44%,anyone know why

  • j-Elias

    I cannot get a text to speech software to work in windows 8 … hurting my work.

  • Dheavy Bungas

    Its my favorite thanks.

  • ME


  • monty

    i beta tested win 8 and 8.1 and grew to love it. i also would like to beta test win 9 when its released to developers, i pray soon the sooner the better i would like to get use to the new one. just wish they would make what they have better with updates like mac did it would make windows so much better then the mac, thanks microsoft. and company, keep me posted monty