The App That Crashes The Most On Windows 8 Revealed

It just had to be it. In a report released by Soluto, the app that crashes the most on Microsoft’s latest OS is none other than its file manager.

While Windows 8 was developed from the grounds up to be the most stable (as well as faster) version of Windows to date, latest statistics reveal that the operating system still crashes: Not as much as Windows 7, but not much less either at 55%.

While Windows Explorer lead the list of culprits with 18.3%, Facebook Video calling came in at a close second (18.1%) and Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection rounding up the top three with a 16.7% of the most common crashing apps.

According to the data gathered by the company, Windows 8 crashed on average 3.1 times per month – a step up from the 7.1 average crashes every 30 days recorded for Windows 7.

Windows 8 also improves on the average number of blue screen occurrences on its predecessor (0.28 per month, compared to 0.33 BSODs for Windows 7).

Surprisingly, the trusty old Windows XP average the lowest bluescreens per user (at 0.26 per month).

The company has collected the results from the data provided by the Soluto community, taking into account hundreds of thousands of machines.

Anyway, these statistics make for a fascinating read, so head on over to Soluto’s website to read up. Expect these numbers to better as Microsoft fixes and patches Windows 8 over the coming months.

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