The Best Windows Registry Cleaner Eye On Windows

The Best Windows Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, with many being completely useless and even dangerous to use on your computer. Although many of these tools have gotten a bad rep in recent years, there is a handful of cleaners which will genuinely fix many of your computer’s problems for you.

The problem with most registry cleaners is the simple fact that they don’t do their job very well. Although there are a lot of cleaners out there, they have all been produced to do the same job, which is to clean out a little-known part of Windows called the ‘registry’. This is a huge database which lies at the core of Windows, storing all sorts of information for your software and hardware of your PC. Everything from your latest Internet bookmarks to how many hard drives you have is stored in the database, making it like a big “command center” for Windows. It’s probably the single most important part of your system, but is also one of the most vulnerable.

Although your computer *needs* the registry in order to run smoothly, the fact is that it’s actually one of the biggest causes of errors on your PC and the biggest cause of a slow system. The problems start when Windows is using 100’s of registry files to tell Windows what to do when you’re using it. Every computer does this (it’s how Windows was programmed) and unfortunately, it often makes your computer confused, causing it to save many of these registry files in completely the wrong way.

When this happens, the registry files that Windows needs so much become corrupted and damaged, meaning that their contents are all mixed up – like a book with its pages in the wrong order. This causes Windows to have to spend longer trying to read the files when it next needs them, making your system run slower and with a lot of errors. To fix this problem, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is a software tool developed solely for the job of cleaning the registry database. These software tools work by scanning each registry file in the database and then fixing any of the damaged ones that are in there. It’s important your cleaner gets the most files, meaning that you need to be able to rely on the best to fix your computer properly.

The best registry cleaners are actually quite rare – because they need to be able to find the most problems in the registry, which requires them to be constantly updated. Normally, they are developed by a professional team of coders, who have the skills and resources to make their software as advanced as possible, and with that in mind, the best cleaner I’ve used is one called “RegAce”. RegAce is a simple but powerful registry cleaner which was only released at the beginning of this year. Because it’s one of the newer cleaners on the market, it’s been designed to work flawlessly on Windows 7, meaning that it can deal with all the latest registry problems on all versions of Windows as well. It’s very popular and safe to use, which is why it’s my favorite.

From my experience, the best registry cleaner is a tool called RegAce

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