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The Best Windows Registry Cleaner

Even though registry cleaners are one of the most popular tools for Windows, they have all been designed to do more or less the same job. They have all been created to clean out a part of your PC called the “registry”. This is the central database for Windows, where all your settings and options are stored for your computer. It’s a very important part of your PC which needs a delicate tool to fix it which means you need to be sure that you have the best registry cleaner…

The best registry cleaner is the one which actually removes the most problems from your computer in the safest way possible. The registry is home to many important files for your PC, and is a central hub for Windows, containing everything from your desktop wallpaper to your Internet favorites. All the registry files contain different settings and information, which allows your computer to “remember” a whole range of different things.

Because this database is so important, Windows ends up using 100’s of registry files every time you use your PC. This is okay, but often, your computer actually gets confused and ends up saving the files in the wrong location or generally corrupting them. When this happens, your PC takes longer to read them, which slows it down and cause many different errors.

The best registry cleaners fix the most of these problems, and you can tell which cleaner is the best by how many files / problems it actually fixes. Because the registry has 100,000’s of files inside, it’s vital for your system to know your registry cleaner is going to be able to fix the most. And from my experience, that falls down to a registry cleaner called “RegGenie”.

RegGenie is one of the most popular cleaners on the Internet thanks to a selection of highly advanced features which allow it to safely remove more registry problems than most other cleaners. Under the hood, RegGenie actually has one of the most intelligent scanning engines inside, which allows it to quickly search through 1,000’s of registry files and instantly pick out the worst for you. It also has a complete backup & restore facility, which enables it to quickly make backups of your entire system, giving you a complete safety-net in case any problems should arise.

From my experience, RegGenie is the best registry cleaner for your PC.

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