You’ve got to hand it to Google. The search engine giant knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to barging in via free offerings or, in this case, ridiculous ones.

Back in the good old days of Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, and their email inboxes the size of 2, 5 and 25MB, Google charged into the picture with gigabytes and gigabytes of cloud email storage space for free users. And now it is doing something similar for its cloud storage.

In other words, the pricing wars for cloud storage space have now officially begun!

Microsoft rebranded and relaunched its SkyDrive service as OneDrive a few weeks back, and while the company did not alter its pricing or available storage space, it did offer an extra 3GB of storage for people who used the Camera Roll function on their device.

And now Google is ready to enter combat mode with some (very) big price cuts of its own.

While free users will get the same 15GB of storage space, premium pricing has tumbled down to the tune of 100GB for $1.99 a month. This is from the previous price of $4.99.

And if you are in the mood for the 1TB package, it has gone down to the amazing lows of $9.99 a month, from its earlier scheme of $49.99 every 30 days. Business and powers users will be most interested in this package now, surely.

Google says that this due to a number of recent infrastructure improvements.

Your move, Microsoft.

Now while this is good news for consumers, the going will surely get tough for other (read smaller) cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box and more. If this price war goes on for a while, they will have trouble competing with companies like Microsoft and Google, with nearly unlimited pockets.

It will all come down to the feature set they offer, then.

Which is not such a bad thing, after all, when you think about it.

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  • Jason Claven

    Competition is great for consumers. The one thing about Google is they can afford to price things cheaper than they could because of all the money and power they have.

  • Bill Franklin

    Wow! That’s a significant price cut. It doesn’t look like google is playing around.

  • Jake Phillips

    This is interesting. I wonder if Microsoft is going to respond, and if they do, how quickly it’ll be. I’ll keep checking back to see if they do.

    • Wayne Scott

      It will certainly be intriguing to see what Microsoft does. I must say, the price for 1TB of data a month now is ridiculously low. I’m shocked.

  • Sally Black

    After seeing those prices, I wonder if it’s even feasible or worth it for Microsoft to go lower than those prices. Pretty extreme move from Google.