The drumbeat to Windows 8 RTM continues – new Windows Store RTM images

New information about Windows 8 RTM, this time from Mr. WithinWindows himself Rafael Rivera.

He has joined the list of credible voices confirming the fact that Windows 8 is pretty much complete. The Quote:

As you might imagine, Microsoft has in fact finalized Windows 8 already and is debating over only minor issues such as the final build number. So with Windows 8 RTM imminent, the store is being prepped for this new milestone in which paid apps will finally be offered to customers.

Here’s the kicker though:

We expect the RTM version of Windows Store to become available to everyone in as soon as a few days.

Apparently the Windows Store will be open for business within the next few days.

Through the magic of URL extrapolation, they have apparently been able to come up with the production site of the Windows Store.

They got the following images..

App Updates

Store Spotlight

Oscar Adventures

Growth Tracker


  • Ezekiel Carsella

    so if you do not have rtm you will not get new apps? will it be available via Windows update? I am pretty happy to see a bing app.