As a way to encourage exciting Metro app development, Microsoft held a contest not to long ago to entice developers to make the plunge to Metro for Windows 8. Out of the multiple submissions there were eight apps chosen in total:

  • Air Soccer
  • Cookbook
  • Elements Weather Forecast
  • Flipsaw
  • Pew Pew
  • Physamajig
  • PuzzleTouch
  • SigFig Portfolio

Out of these apps, 4 are games, one is a drawing/entertainment app, one is a cookbook, one for weather, and finally one for finance.


Out of all these apps, so far I find Cookbook and SigFig Portfolio the most useful. Cookbook is exactly what it sounds like, a cookbook. It has a very attractive Metro look and feel. Not only this but it actually has tons of interesting looking recipes, such as a enchilada casserole I am actually going to try making for dinner tonight.

So see, Metro already has me engaging with it a little. It’s a good start, even though I still have a strong feeling that most of my time will be spent on the desktop side of the OS.

As far as SigFig is concerned? It is a financial app that makes tracking your investments a snap. While I personally don’t have tons of investments worth talking about (I have a little invested… but VERY little), it doesn’t offer me tons personally, BUT I think it is a very solid financial app that is certainly more important to users than a puzzle game. But that’s just me.

Overall, I’ve installed and messed with all eight of these apps so far and I must say that most of them are useful or enjoyable in their own right. For example, Physamajig allows you to draw in various objects that interact based on real physics. For example, a driving truck that you can push around and create new obstacles for.

This isn’t exactly a ‘killer’ app but its a fun way to goof around, waste some time, and ultimately take in the bigger picture of what the Metro experience has to offer.

My recommendation is that you try them all. Something that I personally plan to do with EVERY existing app that the Store has to offer during the Consumer Preview. I will be sure to share some of my favorites that I stumble into along the way.

Do you have Windows 8 Consumer Preview up and running yet? If so, tried any of these eight ‘winning’ apps? If so, what is your favorite and why? Share your thoughts below.

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