Hand it to the European Union to look after its population. At least when it comes to computing and technology, even video games. The various bodies in EU have actively discussed and taken decisions on a number of such cases.

Take the case of a single, universal charger for mobile phones, for instance.

This time, however, the talk of the town is Windows XP — the soon to be retired operating system from Microsoft that, despite being well over a decade old, is still a fan favorite. Nevertheless, only eight days remain before this classic OS reaches the end of support line.

And the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) at Europol has fired off an obligatory warning. This organization works under the close supervision of the European Union.

This is what it has to say in a new advisory (PDF link) that has just been published:

“This doesn’t mean that computers running Windows XP will stop working. It means that there will be no more security updates, hotfixes, online technical content updates or any kind of technical support for the Windows XP SP3 operating system after this date.

This concurs with the end of support for Office 2003. From a user’s perspective, and practically-speaking, this means that newly discovered vulnerabilities in Windows XP and Office 2003 will remain unpatched.”

Pretty standard stuff, but it will at least ensure that news about the looming retirement of Windows XP will catch the eye of as many users as possible.

The EC3 also emphasizes that switching to a newer version of Windows is a mandatory requirement for security, while at the same time mention alternatives like switching to Macintosh or Linux based computers. Technical experts, the body says, should be contacted for further assistance.

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  • Jake

    I get what they’re saying, but to me the point is moot. XP will consider working for a time, but at this point, the most minor issue, and you’re risking the loss of everything. It just makes sense to upgrade.

  • Ted Smith

    This suggests switching even though it’s not “required.” At this point, it’s painfully obvious it’s time to move on. XP had its run, it’s now time to upgrade.

  • Ray C

    Every government, corporation, blogger, and tech adviser should be influencing people to find ways to make the move to Win7 and Win8, preferably Win8 because that is where the longest support will be