The European Union wants to take a closer look at Windows 8 and Windows RT

Here we go again.

In addition to the current investigations into Microsoft’s failure to give some Windows users a browser ballot screen, European Union (EU) antitrust officials are also looking into Windows 8 and Windows RT.

More specifically, charges that Microsoft has blocked rival browser makers from harnessing the power of Windows 8 for their software, according to the Reuters news service.

Earlier this Wednesday, Reuters reported that the European Commission had launched an inquest into accusations against Microsoft. The software maker is alleged to impede other browser makers’ efforts to build software that runs in Windows 8 and ARM-powered tablet offshoot, Windows RT.

The new investigation is part of the one the Commission opened Tuesday, when it said Microsoft broke a three-year-old agreement by failing to supply a “browser choice” screen to customers running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

According to Reuters, a Commission spokesman confirmed that antitrust officials are also looking into allegations that Microsoft refuses to give rivals full access to APIs (application programming interface) in both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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  • Sebastian

    It’s not UE headquater on picture but NATO headquater.

  • Sjans

    Sometimes I just hate the EU, I like to see windows 8 Dutch version on my computer!!!