The first Windows 8 commercial has aired

The first Windows 8 TV commercial has aired.

It’s a pretty interesting spot that uses a cool countdown feature that stops (of course) at 8.

The tagline is “Windows reimagined”. The ad was reportedly done by Ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Without further ado – here it is…

  • Robert Kegel

    I saw the ad and I liked it. Its a good start. I think Microsoft should start showing Windows 8 within shows now. Maybe show some the computers on NCIS Los Angeles (they use Windows Phone 7.5 devices and Surface…the table computer…already).

    You see some Windows devices on TV but you see a ton more apple devices. Microsoft really has to step up its game on this, product placement is powerful, especially since a lot of people skip commercials. I’d like to see a lot more Windows logo’s in coming shows.

    • Steve Steiner

      Wait what? The first comment isn’t talking about how horrible or stupid this commercial or Microsoft is? Maybe things are looking up for them. Overall I agree, lets get some product placement going…

  • Digital Syrup

    “Start me up” will always be the best Windows launch song ever.