The Kinect is Microsoft’s not so secret weapon

My cousin Efosa told me a while ago “Watch out for the Kinect, it’s really amazing”.

Well as usual, he was right. This tool is turning out to be one of the most creative and strategic tools that Microsoft have ever come up with.


Check out this video below where surgeons use the Kinect effectively to save time.

Maintaining a pristine sterile field is extremely important in the operating room. The problem is that doctors sometimes have to step in and out of the sterile field to gather additional information on the state of a patient in surgery.

One such example is the operation of a CT imager, which may require a surgeon to step out of the surgical field to operate the computer with a keyboard and mouse (you don’t even want to know how many germs are on a typical keyboard and mouse). The surgeon then has to scrub up to the elbows once again, and then re-enter the surgical field. Rinse, wash, and repeat as needed.

Because of the time and hassle involved in re-scrubbing each time the imager is used, doctors may not use it as often as they might like, or rely on their recollection of the last image they saw.

The following video shows how doctors at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada are using the Kinect to solve the “touching dirty things” problem. Since they can just gesture in the air, they can control the computer and adjust images without ever having to sacrifice the sterile field.


Pretty cool. Windows 8 has to integrate with a Kinect 2.