The LA Times reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro – Video

The LA Times reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Here’s the video.

  • Kent Jackson

    I bought an ACER A510 Quad Core with IceCream Sanwitch for $300 from the ACER’s ebay store. I network with my 4 home PC’s/Laptops, use Skype and Text Plus, use apps for running my WorkOrders, watch movies stored on other computers, NETFLIX, and the list goes on. I am A SUPER USER with over 25yrs experience…my first computer was an IBM 360/30. This ACER would run circles around that old IBM..hehe. There is so many apps out there that replace/emulate all of MicroSofts apps…MS this time is far behind and I refuse to shell out $800-$1000 for an Microsoft Tablet. Being a software engineer for over 20years and Hardware Tech for over 10years it pissed me off on the RT…the issue about not being able to upgrade/replace op system. I feel Hardware should be open to all OP systems, let the End User Decide!