Here is some news that will please almost all Windows 8 users. The Mail app including in Microsoft’s modern operating system has been notably improved in Windows 8.1.

And seeing just how important a feature this is, the company has regularly provided updates on the matter through the development cycle of its upcoming operating system. Now Redmond is offering some more information on how the app will work with an account.

In a lengthy and detailed post on the Windows Experience blog, the company states that around 68 percent of its users access their email on a mobile device rather than from their web browser. And this is an ever increasing trend, Microsoft claims.

Keeping this in mind, the technology titan has completely optimized the Mail app in Windows 8.1 for touchscreen use. The blog post describes the changes:

“There are easier ways to select one or more messages by using checkboxes in the message list. You can also drag-and-drop messages into folders—one of the most common requests we’ve had from consumers.

You’ll also notice that the app bar now has a visible preview, which makes it easier to access with either mouse or touch. And the app bar is now organized more logically so you can more quickly access new features.”

The UI is not the only visible change — the refreshed app also makes it easy to switch from work email accounts to personal email accounts. The app also figures out which email accounts a user communicates with the most and places them in the Favorites menu, as can be seen in the image above.

Another notable addition is that the app incorporates many of the features in, like moving newsletters and social networking update messages to their very own folders.

You can read up on the complete list of features at the link above.

But it goes without saying that if you are an and Windows 8.1 fan you are up for some pleasant surprises on October 18 when this new Mail app arrives with the new operating system.

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