The Microsoft Nokia Deal Could Affect Windows 8.1 Sales

The technology world is still reeling from the momentous announcement that Microsoft is purchasing Nokia’s devices and services division in order to enhance its own mobile ambitions.

How this acquisition affects the Windows Phone mobile ecosystem is a point of great interest.

HTC, arguably the second most prominent Windows Phone partner, has already said that it is assessing the situation. But rather interestingly, there is some whispering that this deal could actually hurt Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 sales too.

Digitimes (yes, I know) is reporting that some PC manufacturers might evaluate their options, opt for alternative platforms, and abandon Windows 8. This is said to be their protest against Redmond’s decision to expand in the hardware sector.

Alternative platforms in this case include Linux and Google’s Chrome OS.

Obviously, something similar happened last year as well when Microsoft made the Surface tablets official. Several companies attacked the technology giant for creating its own device that they thought competed directly with its partners.

The report says that Microsoft’s most recent acquisition is quite likely to affect companies like Acer and Asustek, both of which continue to bet big on Windows.

While it is too soon to tell what effects the Nokia deal has on Microsoft partners overall, but at the very least, it could have an influence on the upcoming tablets and mobile devices these hardware partners are planning to release in the near future — particularly if some Lumia branded slates surface (ha!).

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  • Ray C

    This is ridiculous. This is just these companies already have a built-in excuse in case they come out with products, and Nokia devices outsell them. I don’t see any the biggest PC companies complaining. Most of the ones complaining already have a small piece of the pie. Linux is never going to be any bigger in the consumer area that Macs were, and there is only so much room for more people to get into the ChromeOs and Android markets. Some of these companies would just end up having just as small a piece of the Google pie as they have of the Microsoft pie.

  • Mike Greenway

    I really think that it is just as likely that it COULD affect the price of coffee or I COULD create world peace.