The Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview is available for download

Microsoft have released the first public preview of the next version of Office.

It’s called Office 2013 and it has a ton of new features and Windows 8 compaitibility/hooks.

Office 2013 can be downloaded now here!

It requires either Windows 7 or Windows 8 so if you have XP or Vista, tough luck.


  • Avner Falk

    You may think this is Office 2013 but the links actually take you to the old Office 365 which was launched a long time ago: see

    • Onuora Amobi

      Apparently Office 365 is the parent name for the apps and the Word, Excel etc are each 2013.

      If you click on the icons (Word, Excel etc), they’ll take you to a 2013 specific page.

      It was confusing for me too…


  • Jes Smith

    Onuora, the webpage link that you provide offers the Office 365 Home Premium Preview, rather than the Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview. Which version is Microsoft actually offering?

    • Onuora Amobi

      See comment above…

  • Ankit

    Hey…. Grt article Onuora..! But didn’t got one thing… Is this a desktop app or web app..
    coz in video it showed like as if it is an upgrade version of Office365..!

  • ECM2

    Installed Office 15 (2013) beta and using it now. Here’s what I like:
    1. Cloud is native. It autosaves my docs in Skydrive.
    2. PDF editing is native. You don’t have to buy the expensive Acrobat Pro.
    3. Social is native- it integrates quite well to the top social services.
    4. Calendar, email, messaging, notifications, etc have been integrated in Outlook and in the cloud. You get an email about an activity, you click… its in your calendar
    5. Powerpoint has a lot of new features.
    Office is the no.1 reason I was “enslaved” by MS. It seems that, with these changes in Office 15, I will remain a slave for years to come.