The Microsoft Surface RT 32GB only has 50% usable disk space

Holy cow!

It seems like the Operating System and system files on the Microsoft Surface 32 use up 16 out of the 32 gigs of disk space.

50 frikkin percent!

Apparently on the 32GB version of the new tablet, users will have access to only 16GB of storage.

The rest of the space is taken up by Windows recovery tools, Windows RT, Microsoft Office, and built-in apps.

That seems insane to me. It also brings up truth in advertising issues?

The consumer is only really buying 16 GB of space. I mean I know Operating Systems usually take up a lot of space but…

What do you all think?

  • Arnold

    I think it should have a 40 Gig drive and in this day in age the OS fully loaded with office should not be more than 8 Gigs.

  • Buya

    well then microsoft should advertise surface 32 as surface16 only, assume that users only have access for 16GB..16GB is not so much space on today computing

  • Carolyn Hill

    I had kept that on mind and was thinking of the same. Thanks for the news. Yes it is clearly stated on the Microsoft website that the OS is worth 16 GB and what you are going to purchase is just 16 GB usable disk space. Microsoft must confront this in their product specification. That makes the consumer clear and doesn’t gets into trouble.

  • Pamela Brown

    For the first glance I was impressed by the price and 32 GB of memory.But now at that price receiving only 16 GB of Usable space disk is really a freaking decision for me to go for an Microsoft Surface.

  • Chris Seppala

    I have the 32BG version with a 32GB MicroSD. I place all music and other large files on the SD card. I have not had an issue with space and I use it exclusively. I still have 41%. Has anyone tried compressing the C: – any issues or advantages?