The Microsoft Surface RT will be available at Best Buy and Staples tomorrow

That was QUICK.

Microsoft have confirmed that they are expanding sales outlets for their Surface Tablet.

Starting tomorrow, the Microsoft Surface will be available at all Staples retail locations.

In addition, Best Buy will sell them online tomorrow and have them in retail locations from Sunday, December 16th.

So the Surface will be widely available for those of you who want to give them out as a gift for the holidays.


Source: TheVerge

  • Brenton Klassen

    Woa, sweet! I can’t wait to see them!

  • Ivor Thomas

    I am holding out for the Pro but very curious to see one in the flesh.

  • Shahab Abbaszadeh

    Surface RT is perfect for me and I can do my 90% or more of my digital works with that. I love The Modern UI. I think it’s about the future. I’m so happy for this news from Microsoft.

  • jeremy

    still only available online in Australia 🙁

  • Jack Shofner