The new Surface Pro commercial – underwhelming

I got asked about this one so I’ll post it here.

I don’t like this commercial because it absolutely violates all the rules of marketing a business device.

The Surface Pro is meant to be a “real” device that people can get work done on. The hip hop and break dancing demographic is traditionally not associated with work and productivity.

That demographic is associated with fun and levity – i.e. the Surface RT.

The truth is, Apple and Google are running much better commercials for their products because they are:

  • Actually speaking
  • Actually targeting the right demgraphics
  • Hitting their keywords
  • Pushing their intended concepts

For instance this ad that ran during the Grammys:

The difference is clear. They put you in a position where:

  • You see scenarios where the product has value.
  • You see the value the product can add to your life.
  • You see objects you can relate to (Subway, Restaurant).
  • The actors speak aloud.

What do you think of the Surface Pro ad?

Use the comments below…

  • Robert Trance

    A terrible, terrible ad mistake for a great OS and device. Almost zero focusing on possibilities, features and near 100% dance show. That’s not a tech ad

  • What? You didn’t see the possibilities perfectly shown in this video?

    – 0:02 Take your Surface to a meeting and add the keyboard to take notes with it.
    – 0:05 Or take the stylus and write and take notes with that.
    – 0:20 Add notes to all kinds of stuff.
    – 0:30 Plugin usb devices to use them.
    – 0:38 Walk around the office and let your boss sign digitally or add notes to your documents.
    – 0:54 Throw away those papers as they aren’t needed anymore.
    – All the video: Do everything fast en fluid. With a flexible system (Tablet convertible.)
    This video shows exactly some of the possibilities of the Surface Pro in a work environment and the whole vibe of the video reflects the fast and fluid interface of Windows 8 and the flexibility that comes with it and the flexiblitiy of the Surface pro.
    This is a real good add, but you need to think about it first.

  • Dan Dar3

    Personally I don’t get any product ad that involves dancing of any kind… But at the same time it gets you intrigued (even the reaction from some might be, wth was just that?!) – whether you liked it or not, you’ve now heard of Surface Pro 🙂