In the United States, the Nokia Lumia 920 is carrier locked and exclusively found through AT&T’s network. While the price of $450 without contract is very alluring, it really doesn’t matter unless you like and use AT&T’s network. What about the rest of the world?

In the United Kingdom, the Lumia 920 has only been available on the new 4G LTE-based “EE” service, but from the sounds of it, this changes tomorrow. In the United Kingdom retailers such as “Clove” will sell the device for £520 (around $660) completely SIM-free and ready to go.

While this is a bit more than the price AT&T is selling the device for, at least UK users won’t need to worry about being restricted to just one carrier.
So what does this mean for other markets like the United States?

Don’t be surprised if most markets have an unlocked version at some point in time. Even in the US Nokia is supposedly only locked into exclusivity with AT&T for the first six months— after that they can release it elsewhere.

Imagine if Microsoft and Nokia team up and eventually sell the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 for around the same as the new flagship LG Nexus 4, that would certainly stir things up and get the Lumia 920 even further into the eye of the public.

So how well is the Nokia Lumia 920 doing so far?

With global launches starting to occur is the Lumia 920 looking to be a hit, or just another Windows Phone device that does modestly at best? It’s hard to say yet, but the outlooks seems good. The device is starting to get heavy celebrity endorsements, which means that Microsoft is writing checks left and right to ensure things get off to a good start.

So how about it, are you getting the Lumia 920? If so, are you in an area of the world that has it unlocked or will you have to stick with AT&T to get your hands on the new smartphone?

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  • Win8Updater

    The Nokia 920 is already available to buy now in the UK from Phones 4U for £459 SIM Free. I know as I picked one up on Saturday 10th and am really happy with it 🙂

    • Andrew_Grush

      Good to hear! Not a bad price either. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

      • Win8Updater

        No problem 🙂 if I remember rightly the Nokia 820 was £359 from Phones 4U SIM Free