What would be the perfect hardware to run Windows 8 on? That’s not an easy question. The “perfect” hardware would have to run Windows 8 seamlessly with the least possible flaws, the processor would be able to run all the Windows 8 graphics completely smoothly as well as other videos from the web and on you hard drive without draining the hardware’s battery life.

This device would also have to have a touchscreen to take advantage of the new touch oriented Metro user interface.


The Transformer 2 combines tablets with traditional laptops.

Some people are touting the all new Asus Transformer 2 as the perfect hardware for Windows 8. The Transformer 2 was revealed on Wednesday this past week, but it’s been expected for a while. It runs the new  Kal-El 5 core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and it ships with Android version 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwhich.)

Windows 8 will now finally be compatible with the Transformer because Windows 8 is the first desktop version of Microsoft’s operating system that can run ARM processors like the Tegra. The first Transformer from Asus was reportedly slow, but this one looks sleeker and is apparently lighter and faster as well. It should be powerful enough to run Windows 8 smoothly.

The Transformer 2 has a special feature, it has the ability to hook up with a keyboard dock with an extra battery built in. This makes it easy to type papers and essays and even articles like this one all on your tablet. Also it doubles the device’s battery life.

The iPad has a keyboard that is sort of like this one, but the keyboard for the iPad can only attach to the iPad when the iPad is in portrait orientation. It also does not have an extra battery or a trackpad that makes the Transformer 2 seem more like a touch screen laptop when plugged into the keyboard.

Windows 8 is designed to work best with both tablets and traditional computers such as desktops and laptops. With the Transformer 2, it’s kind of the best of both worlds.

Even though it’s kind of cool that there is a trackpad that comes with the external keyboard, it’s not very practical to have two methods of interacting with the device. Old fashioned users who don’t own any touch screen devices could buy this and just use it like a traditional laptop and never use the screen as a way to interact with the device.

These users would stick to the trackpad and then the Transformer 2 wouldn’t be that special anymore. It would basically be a netbook. Even users that do own touch screen devices would probably still use the trackpad whenever the keyboard was attached and they would just keep the keyboard on the entire time, just out of habit. This just seems counter-intuitive to me and I think we could do without a trackpad.

Some people are claiming that ultra-books would be the best Windows 8 device, and even though that they will be vastly improved by the time Windows 8 launches to the public, they still won’t have touch screens, and tablets without the option of a keyboard also probably wouldn’t do as well in the market just because of products like the Transformer 2 that combine the functionality of a laptop and a tablet.

Overall, even though Android would not be easily replaced on one of these tablets, if Windows 8 could be put on the Transformer 2, it would work great. You could use it easily with one hand while doing basic functions like looking at your stocks, and you could type any paper easily with the attachable keyboard.

This is the future of computers, right here.

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  1. This copies my sentiments from a few days ago on my Twitter account…

    • I’m sorry but I don’t follow you on twitter, therefor I cannot have copied you. For all I know you could have copied my source. 

      • A bit defensive there Bron. These are my thoughts and the thoughts of the Transformer community as well Daniel, Bron is just expessing them. We are all hoping we can put win 8 onthe Transformer Prime, hence the uproar about it being boot locked.

        I cant imagine a better device to run Win8 on.

  2. I’m hoping my next computer will be a convertible laptop like this with Windows 8, so I’ll be able to get work done with the keyboard, then just remove it when I want to play with the computer.  There are times when using touch is easier and other times when using the keyboard is easier.

  3. Robert Kegel / May 3, 2012 at 10:47 am /Reply

     I really hope Asus makes something like this for Windows 8.  One thing
    I’d really like to see is an option to get a Windows 8 ARM which is nice
    and thin and they can sell 2 docks.  One that is just a dock which adds
    a keyboard and nothing else and the second one has an intel processor
    and better graphics to run Windows 8 home pro (or what ever they’re
    calling it).   This way you get a great light tablet which you most
    likely don’t care if it runs full Windows programs and with the dock it
    changes it into a laptop (sell it with the i3, i5 and i7 processors and
    different graphics configurations to give people a choice) that you can
    use for work and PC gaming.  This would be the ultimate tablet to laptop

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