So it looks like the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro has been something akin to a disaster.

Yes it seems like the devices are sold out across the country but it also seems like there has been a deluge of misinformation regarding the status of the devices and how many were’are in stock.

In my neck of the woods, the manager at Best Buy told me all the planes with Surface Pros were stucki in New York and this weekend, availability for all Best Buys across the West Coast would be non existent.

I called another Best Buy and they said they were getting some in this evening. Staples in my neighborhood say they are sold out but didn’t get very many.

It’s a mess.

Being sold out across the country means nothing until we have some numbers and context to how many units were ordered this weekend.

Anyway, my question to you is, what’s been your experience ordering the Surface Pro this weekend?

Use the comments below…

*Update* Just got off the phone with Best Buy. They don’t have any but I’m welcome to come in and put a $50 deposit in if I want.


Use the comments below…


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  1. It sucked ass!

    Best Buy and Staples gave me different messages all weekend long.

    Who has time for this shit?

  2. It was cool.

    I ordered online and avoided the BS…

  3. Yeah it was pretty nuts.

    I gave up on Sunday evening…

  4. It was nuts.

    I gave up on Saturday night…

  5. Good job thank

  6. mmanton I did not try, too expensive

  7. I do not care for the surface pro nor the surface, waiting to see what Nokia will be coming out with.

  8. Um say wha? I walked into my local computer store, laid down the money in cash and walked out with a Surface Pro. Took me all of 15 minutes. I just called our local Walmart Super Store and they have over 100 of them in stock and have sold the other 300 they ordered. Within 60 miles of me in each direction they have a Circuit City and a Best Buy and both of them have them in stock. Heck even Meijers Super Store has them in stock. You can buy them off so what is the major malfunction that they are supposedly hard to get? They have them in Indianapolis-Ft Wayne-Toledo-Lima-Columbus-Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Erie-Cincinnatti and Louisville. They are not that hard to locate people if you want one.

  9. Checked it out at Saturday night but didn’t order. Wanted to determine what accessories I wanted first. Looked again Sunday morning and they were out of stock. Guess I’ll wait a little longer.

  10. I have preordered mine at best buy(128gb). they only got 1 128 in. my question is did Microsoft not ship enough to retailers or did the retailers not order enough due to the fact that RT was a bust. from what I have read the Microsoft stores were stocked pretty heavily.

  11. did not order, not yet

  12. Unfortunately, not released in Australia yet. But I will be at the head of the queue. Already have 2 PCs running WIN8 PRO and a Lumia 920. Just need to add the tablet.

    • I, like you, was running Win 8 on two PC’s, my desktop and laptop. I also have a Lumia 920.
      When the Surface is avaliable in Oz get one. I know you will not be unhappy.

  13. Have not ordered one. I would love one for my work, but, with two girls in college, I am a slave without the $1000. One day.

  14. Last Monday when I heard that Bust Buy might have the Surface Pro on display I went to my local store. I happened to find someone who was willing to help. He said that they were taking reservations for the tablet. So I put up $50.00 to get a 128Gb. I received email on the 8th saying to pick up the tablet the next day in the computer department. Saturday finds only one person working the department and he was busy showing someone how to use their iPad. (Must be pretty hard to use because he spend over a half hour.) While I waited for the sales guy Jessica, another sales person, asked me what I wanted. I told her and showed her my papers. She said I had to go to Customer Service to retrieve my Surface. On to Customer Service where I waited for some balloons to be filled. (At Best Buy free balloons are more important then paying customers.) I was finally able to speak to the clerk. She got the Surface from the locked cage and tried to check me out. That didn’t work, so she spoke to Hooge. I don’t know who Hooge is or his position in the store, but he would be better, maybe, flipping hamburgers at the McDonalds down the street. He says that the Surface was not available for sale. Needless to say I was getting a little upset about this time. After having a few words with Hooge he picked up the phone to call someone who knew something. Bottom line I was able to get my Surface.
    The clerk who checked me out said that mine was the only 128Gb they got in, and seven people come in looking for one.
    Fast review: It’s fast. I set it up in about 15 minutes. I think it’s worth the $1000. The only desktop app I have installed is Open Office and there is no problem with it. I have to download the Win 8 update to Norton 360.

  15. Unobtainium. Remember the first rule of technology. Never buy the first version of anything. When we bought some new windows for our house we received an iPad I as a gift. I gave it away.

  16. Microsoft problem. With all there muscle power, they didn’t put enough product out. If they think there product is so good why didn’t they build enough. They spent millions to advertise them and then don’;t put enough in the market place. DUMB, DUMB. They sure know how to aggravate customers

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