The Reason Why a Microsoft-Branded Phone WILL Come Soon

To my mind, the phone above represents the reason why a Microsoft-made phone running Windows Phone 8 will become available in 2013. Right now, Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone is sold out – unavailable. Apparently they cannot keep it on the shelves.

The reason offered by Google and LG – who makes the phone- is strong demand for it – in fact, every time it becomes available in the Google Play store, it is sold out within a few hours.

It is not quite clear whether the shortages are totally due to overwhelming demand or just insufficient supply. LG insists it is the former. What is clear however, is that this is a high-margin business for Google, unlike search on mobile devices or even Android.

The rumors say Microsoft is working on their own smartphone. If they don’t launch one soon, it will be a missed opportunity. They would in effect, be leaving money on the table. I cannot see that happening (again).

2013 will be an interesting year. Are you expecting a Microsoft smartphone? Share in the discussion below.