So Microsoft are widely expected to announce the new Surface tablets later this morning.

News sources say they will be launching the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface 2 line of tablets. The Surface 2 will be based (again) on Windows RT while the Surface Pro 2 will be the Windows 8.1 based tablet.

Some of the speculation about the specs goes like this..

The Surface 2 will run Intel’s latest line of chips, a Haswell-based Core i5, Neowin has learned from several sources. In addition, the RAM will receive a considerable bump, being doubled 4GB to 8GB. Finally, while the device will look similar to the current Pro, Microsoft has “refined” the kickstand that ships with the device. What the refinement is exactly, we don’t have a clear picture yet; it could be a more robust stand that is stronger or one that offers alternative viewing angles, but this is speculation at this point.


If you are curious about what the features will be for the upcoming Surface RT 2, likely to be called just the Surface, the device will be equipped with a Tegra 4 CPU, 1080P screen, two-step style kickstand and we are also hearing the RAM will get bumped to 4GB too. We are not sure if the RAM bump will be like that of the Surface Pro 2 that may include models that have either 4GB or 8GB.

Via Neowin

We’ll know all about these devices in a few hours but I guess I’m curious.

3 questions:

  1. Do you care about these new Microsoft tablet devices?
  2. How much would you pay for a Surface RT or Surface Windows 8 device?
  3. What features do you want to see the most in these new devices?

Please use the comments below and let us know…


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  1. 1. I do care))))
    2. Same and lower price
    3. 3G/LTE, longer batter and faster processor

  2. Jonathon Jeffery / September 23, 2013 at 4:35 am /Reply

    With the new RT model being such a workhorse; can you install Windows 8.1 on it?

  3. I’m hoping they dont look EXACTLY THE SAME as the previous generation of devices..

    • Other than an improved/more flexible kickstand, I’m sure there could be minor improvements. But this is one well – designed piece of equipment. I haven’t seen much better out of any OEM

  4. 1. Yes I care about the new surface devices. You really don’t care much as you have no first hand live reporting of the event?
    2. RT $300, pro $900
    3. smaller RT table w/ pen. Longer pro battery life. Auto blocking of doom and glum windows sites.

  5. Of course people care. What I think Microsoft needs to do is simplify RT devices and bring the price down. People that have an iPad are pretty much just using it as a toy or a temporary fix until they can get back to their desktop or laptop. They just need to stop trying to position RT devices as work devices. A lot of us are tech people, so we don’t understand that the average person just wants a tablet. They’re not locked into Apple being the end all, be all like a lot of Fanboys are. They’ll buy some cheap tablet no one has ever heard of just to have a tablet like everyone else. If a Surface is a cheaper alternative to an iPad and people can use it to play the games they want to play, Facebook, and access their class or school information, they will get one. They simply just need to trying to stop trying to position Surface RT as a premium device. iPad has all the hype, so they can sell if for twice what it’s worth.

  6. 1) Yes, I care very much. I and several of my clients are waiting for the arrival of Surface Pro 2 and are looking forward to purchasing one
    2) In the $900 range
    3) The features I’m looking forward to (as you wrote) are the Heswell chip, the increased RAM, the versatile kickstand. The features you missed mentioning is a new keyboard with an additional battery and a docking station for the Surface Pro 2. ALL of these combined make for a very attractive laptop.

  7. I care if they let me upgrade my surface RT to surface 2. Otherwise no, as I already bought 3 tablets in a year. One Android, then iPad and lastly surface RT.

  8. Only if we can upgrade the surface RT to the surface 2 (by adding 100$ for exemple). Are they gonna do it ?

  9. Yes I care however I think it should have been available to purchase the day it was launched. Having to wait a month will kind of take the steam of of wanting it. Now I will have a chance reading reviews on it and if it is any good I will have the chance of coming to US and getting some for Xmas gifts like I did last year.

    I do wish cost less money like media said Surface 2 will cost same as original, but I know that not so as MS is greedy and Windows 8.1 cost more than Windows 8 costed.

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